The Barstool Project

We aim to create spaces within our community & industry that enable people to have open, honest conversations about mental health with people that can help them.

What is the Barstool Project?

The Barstool Project is a Barstool Brothers education initiative, formed to train and educate employees in hospitality & tourism venues in mental health awareness and communication, with the aim of improving the baseline education and culture within licensed venues.

We have an opportunity to play a vital role in changing the culture around licensed venues through the delivery of this educational package. The hospitality sector needs to have a collective approach to address poor mental health within our sector and by modifying workplace practices to eliminate dangerous conditions and prevent psychosocial risks and injuries, a significant proportion of mental ill health could thus be prevented.

  • Program Objectives

    The Barstool Project is a program of works designed to uplift mental health awareness & communication. The program is designed to:

    ● Teach valuable skills in identifying signs & symptoms of mental illness

    ● Provide tools to communicate effectively when talking about mental health

    ● Create safer work environments in hospitality venues for employers, employees and patrons

  • Elements and Oucomes

    ● Recognising challenges of working in the hospitality industry.

    ● Understanding stress and effective stress management techniques.

    ● Recognise factors that impact personal wellbeing.

    ● Development of effective communication verbal and non- verbal communication techniques within the workplace.

    ● Planning communication with peers and management in the workplace.

    ● Identification of psychosocial risks within a typical hospitality workplace.

    ● Planning risk control strategies within the workplace.

    ● Investigate and outline available wellbeing resources..

  • Delivery & Facilitation Inclusions

    This module is designed and delivered by hospitality workers for hospitality workers. Key elements of the facilitation are:

    ● 90 minute face-to-face course made up of slide information delivery, video presentation, individual workbook, scenario work and group activities.

    ● 64 page participant workbook and resource guide.

    ● Two facilitators per course (up to 25 participants) to allow for effective

    management of the course and to address any enquiries during or after the course.

    ● One facilitator trained in TAE.

    ● All facilitators accredited through a train-the-trainer program which includes 6 hours course work, 3 course assessment and continuous peer to peer review program.