Fundraising principles

Our mission is to bring community together through our events and education. We have a focus on sustainability & accessibility and strive to remove as many financial barriers as possible for people to build support networks and receive mental health education.

  • We don't like shaking the tin
  • We run with financial sustainability as a key value
  • Your money is important to YOU so it's as important to US : We will spend it with this in mind.

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  • Free Events

    Barstool Brothers is our community arm and we run 5 free events every month! These events are organised and facilitated to provide Barstool Brothers access for free. Whether its a coffee on our walk, food on our monthly catch-up, ten pin bowling or yoga, you can count on 100% of your donation directly reaching members services.

  • Education

    Barstool Project is our education arm and donations directly help fund training materials and facilitation of our education package designed to improve mental health within the hospitality industry. We believe mental health education should be as essential as literacy or numeracy and as such should be as affordable as possible for all businesses, particularly small businesses.

Donation of services to members

We run a heap of events! If you would like to donate your time to the committee please reach out below.

We also require specific skills like marketing, web development, graphic design, education facilitation - get in contact if you think you could help

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