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Our mission at Raising the Bar Foundation is to lead the charge in eradicating the stigma around mental health and fostering resilience within individuals and communities.

Through a comprehensive approach that emphasises education, support, and the cultivation of inclusive environments, we are committed to reducing rates of suicide and poor mental health, particularly within high-risk industries like the Hospitality sector.

Our vision extends beyond industry boundaries, focusing on creating strong, interconnected communities that prioritise mental well-being and proactively prevent suicide in both specific sectors and the broader community.

Charitable Purpose

Charitable Purpose:
1. Empowering Mental Health Education: Our primary objective is to equip individuals with the knowledge and tools they need to understand and manage their mental health effectively.
Through targeted educational programs, workshops, and resources, we strive to empower individuals across various industries, including the Hospitality sector, with the skills to recognise, address, and prioritise mental well-being for themselves and those around them.

2. Community-Driven Support Networks:
We endeavor to construct nurturing and authentic communities that emphasise the significance of mental health conversations. By providing platforms for open dialogue and sharing, we aim to establish safe spaces where individuals can connect, seek guidance, and share experiences, thereby reducing feelings of isolation and creating a supportive network of understanding peers.

3. Suicide Prevention in High-Risk Industries: Recognising the elevated risk of mental health challenges within sectors like Hospitality, we are committed to crafting tailor-made interventions that address industry-specific stressors. Our initiatives will focus on enhancing workplace environments, providing accessible mental health resources, and fostering peer support networks that effectively mitigate the factors contributing to suicide rates within these industries.

4. Holistic Community Wellness: Beyond industry boundaries, our foundation is dedicated to promoting community-wide mental health awareness and prevention of suicide. By organising events, campaigns, and educational outreach programs, we aspire to unite diverse communities in the shared goal of eradicating stigma, increasing knowledge, and fostering a collective commitment to mental wellness.

5. Accessible Resources and Training: We will continue to provide Mental Health Response Training to organisations' staff, enabling them to confidently assist at-risk community members. Additionally, we remain committed to offering free online mental health resources to all members, ensuring that information and support are easily accessible to
anyone seeking assistance.


PASSION: Commitment to hearts and minds.

LEADERSHIP: Courage to share a better future.

RESPONSIBILITY: We act with honesty, integrity and thoughtfulness.

IMPACT: We strive to to shape and change individuals and organisations.

GENEROSITY: Pay it forward and lift others up.

ACCESSIBILITY: Remove as many barriers as possible when it comes to bringing people together and accessing mental health education.

SUSTAINABILITY: At all times consider the financial and social sustainability.


The Barstool Brothers was formed in 2019 in a Wollongong Burger Bar called His Boy Elroy, with the idea of creating a safe environment where, at an organised monthly catch up, men could enjoy a free burger in a comfortable setting, conducive to healthy conversations about mental health.

This simple concept was incredibly well received and from there we started hosting multiple events per month, all free to our members to encourage men to further solidify these relationships in an authentic and genuine manner. These events include yoga, bowling, bushwalking, golf, martial arts and more.


This was a question that came up over and over again and truth is, its hard and starts with Educating Hospitality venues in how to manage psychosocial risks in the workplace. The Barstool Project was born. This gender neutral education initiative, formed to train and educate employees in hospitality & tourism venues in mental health awareness and communication, with the aim of improving the baseline education and culture within licensed venues.

We have an opportunity to play a vital role in changing the culture around licensed venues through the delivery of this educational package. The hospitality sector needs to have a collective approach to address poor mental health within our sector and by modifying workplace practices to eliminate dangerous conditions and prevent psychosocial risks and injuries, a significant proportion of mental ill health could thus be prevented.

Services to hospitality venues

Through our education initiative, The Barstool Project, we are able to provide a 90 minute mental health awareness & communication educational package catered towards the hospitality & tourism industries.

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Services to members

We offer a range of events every month free of charge for any men who wish to attend. These events include walks, bowls, golf, yoga, outdoor sports, BBQ's, catch ups over a burger & more.

Everyone is welcome to join our Facebook community for discussions around events, mental wellbeing and support.

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  • Lachlan Stevens - Founder

    Lachlan is an experienced operations, change management, tourism and hospitality professional with a proven track record of delivering financial and non-financial objectives within organisations...
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  • Daniel Chin - General Manager

    Daniel has been involved in Barstool Brothers from its formation in 2019. For 19 years, Daniel has been involved in the hospitality industry. This has included working in front of house, management...
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  • Sam Woods - Secretary

    Sam is a financial services professional and the Board Secretary for The Barstool Brothers. After several years in consulting, Sam joined Westpac Banking Corporation where he established himself as an operations...
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  • James Mills - Treasurer

    James has over thirty years of financial, compliance and management accounting experience - coupled with senior managerial skills - derived from a career in professional accounting...
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  • Nichole Sullivan

    Nic is a driven woman who has risen to the top of her field in Psychology, and has a Bachelor or Science, Honours in Psychology and a Masters in Business Administration working with the best businesses...
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  • Graham Lancaster

    Graham was recently appointed to the Board of Barstool Brothers and is a solicitor with over 32 post-admission experience, including more than 25 of those in commercial law and dispute...
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  • Kathryn Conroy

    Kathryn has worked at the highest levels of government along with advising businesses, associations and peak bodies. These roles have required her to use her extensive experience...
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