Scott Johnson

About Scott

A Processing Manager at Southern Steel, Scott is going to feel world's away when he takes on Kokoda in April. Learn more about Scott's decision to join Raising the Bar on this epic journey.

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Scott's inspirations

Who is someone that inspires you?

Lachlan Stevens (and this is serious).

Why do you want to complete the Kokoda Trek?

I have never really pushed myself out side of my comfort zone.... and it doesn't get much more out side than Kokoda. I am also inspired to do it by the guys who completed it last year and their stories.

It has already made so much different to my life with a complete change in lifestyle to a much healthier one.

What do you hope to get out of completing the trek?

Knowing I can push myself to complete something I put my mind to.

I also would like to get a better understanding of what our Diggers went through over there and experience the different cultures.